We are the Space, Spatial and Surveying Diversity Leadership Network.

We provide leadership and advocacy for diversity and inclusion in the space, spatial and surveying professions.

The network is governed by a group of five who provide strategic leadership, coordination and advocacy through our Convenor Committee.

We welcome industry professionals to join us in leading the change for greater diversity, inclusion, and equity in our industry.


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We create and actively promote a shared ambitious vision to raise the Australasian space, spatial, and surveying sector to be leaders of diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging in STEM.


We understand that change can be confronting and will champion a culture within our sector where change is managed respectfully, compassionately, and with humility.

Psychological safety
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We work towards an industry culture of open-minded and authentic respect towards difference, and encourage organisations and individuals to face up challenges with compassionate curiosity.


We promote going deeper than ‘ticking a box’ and aim to empower our members to challenge the status quo, create concrete improvements, and become ongoing agents of change.

FATE (Fairness, Accountability, Transparency and Ethics)
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We strive to create a future where adoption of fairness, accountability, transparency, and ethics with regards to diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging are the norm, in all our technologies, industries, and workplaces.

Get in touch: contact@sssdln.org

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