SSSDLN Data Sovereignty & Digital Equity Panel Discussion

About this event

Held on Tue, 6 Feb 2024 the exciting online event delved into the fascinating world of data sovereignty and digital equity with a particular focus on First Nations’ data. The panel discussed the challenges and opportunities and provided valuable insights through the experiences of three expert speakers.

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a data equity advocate, or simply curious about the digital landscape, this panel discussion is not to be missed. Get ready to expand your knowledge and engage in lively conversations with our esteemed panelists.


  • Elle Archer, Digital Equity speaker, Chair Te Matarau – the Māori Tech Association, and Director and Founder of SMART Development
  • Yvonne Fong, Geospatial Consultant with NGIS, WA, Industry Diversity and Inclusion Award winner, Advocating for EO solutions for traditional owners through the First Nations Earth Observations project
  • Kass Boladeras, Winyama Marketing & Operations Manager and Program Manager Indigenous Mapping Workshop Australia, proud Ballardong woman, will discuss the broader context of the indigenous mapping workshops, teaching 8 streams of tech, one being data sovereignty.

Chaired by Matt Duckham, SSSDLN Convenor group

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