SSSDLN Support for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament

The Space, Spatial, and Surveying Diversity Leadership Network (SSSDLN) Convenors support an Indigenous Voice to Parliament, and will advocate for a resounding yes vote in the upcoming referendum.

The SSSDLN Convenors have declared their formal backing for the historic movement for a constitutionally recognised Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice. We invite all SSDLN Members to join us in declaring their backing (see below).

The call for Indigenous constitutional recognition and a Voice to Parliament has been made by generation after generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders and campaigners across the past century, including in the generous invitation to the Australian people in the Uluru Statement From The Heart.

Now all Australians will have a chance to answer that historic call when we get to vote in the referendum later this year.

The SSSDLN Convenors will advocate for a resounding yes vote in a profound moment of national unity — and we will support our Members to engage in this historic opportunity.

The Voice referendum won’t affect Indigenous sovereignty — a fact confirmed by constitutional law experts — and Treaty negotiations will continue across the country. Indigenous leaders have campaigned for decades and decades for a constitutionally-enshrined Voice.

SSSDLN honours the long tradition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge in space, spatial and surveying, celebrating that “indigenous practice of spatial knowledge predates western science”. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people — the oldest continuing cultures anywhere on the planet — are Australia’s first scientists and technologists in the space, spatial and surveying realms.

Our vision is for a reconciled and united Australia. A nation which faces the truth of our past with honesty and courage. A nation which works to rectify injustice and bring healing to those who live with pain and trauma, and a nation that stands together against racism and discrimination.

We want all Australians to see the inspiring first cultures of this land as a great source of shared national pride — and a Voice will bring us another step closer to that goal.

Mary-Ellen, Maurits, Amelia, Jun, Kellie, Matt, Roshni, Stella, SSDLN Conveners

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SSSDLN Supporters for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament

Mary-Ellen Feeney
Maurits van der Vlugt
Amelia Davies
Jun Wang
Kellie Dean
Matt Duckham
Roshni Sharma
Selina Phillis
Jarrod Lange
Glenn Cockerton

Declare your Support

If you would like to add your SSSDLN support for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament, please complete the simple form below. Anyone can join the SSSDLN with a simple pledge for free.

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